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        Railcar Movers

        Stewart & Stevenson manufactures the Rail King mobile railcar mover, and supports railcar switching operations throughout North America and in international locations. Class 1 Railroads, along with frac sand operations, warehousing companies, petrochemical and refining plants, cement facilities and the grain and feed industry all utilize the power of Rail King mobile railcar movers to increase productivity in their railcar switching operations. Engineered to maximize safety, efficiency and operator comfort, Rail King is manufactured in three side-mount cab models offering tractive effort ratings of up to 46,550 lbs, and two full-width cab models offering tractive effort ratings of up to 49,250 lbs.

        Features & Benefits

        • Heavy-duty, emission-compliant, 6-cylinder engines
        • Four-speed automatic transmission
        • Royalglide operator comfort system
        • Patented cushioned coupler system
        • Friction roadwheel drive
        • Full-width bumpers to protect powertrain
        • Fabricated steel couplers
        • Ergonomically designed cab layout
        • Unsurpassed operator visibility
        • Easy-to-use push button controls with color LCD display

        To learn more about the Rail King brand, visit www.railking.net or call 281-345-5516.

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        Sales Locations

        TX - Houston - U.S. Manufacturing
        10750 Telge Road
        Houston, TX 77095 USA
        Tel: 281-345-5100

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