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        Nitrogen & Industrial Gas

        Nitrogen and Industrial Gas Systems, packaged with high quality cryogenic components, include a wide range of nitrogen pumping equipment for both onshore and offshore use:

        Heat recovery versions provide heat to vaporize liquid nitrogen

        • Available in 90K and 180K SCFH units
        • Capable of pumping pressures to 15,000 psi

        Direct-fired units deliver nitrogen gas at high rates and pressures

        • Available in 540K, 660K and 1.2MM SCFH units
        • Equipped with high horsepower engines, electronic controls and advanced hydraulics
        • Provide maximum performance in stimulation treatments

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        Sales Locations

        Intl - Russia - Moscow
        Krasnopresnenskaya Nab 12
        Office 737
        Moscow, Russia 123610 Europe
        Tel: +7 495-967-0820

        TX - Houston - International Sales
        10750 Telge Road
        Houston, TX 77095 USA
        Tel: (281) 345-5200

        TX - Houston - U.S. Manufacturing
        10750 Telge Road
        Houston, TX 77095 USA
        Tel: 281-345-5100

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