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        Light Towers - Houston

        Light Towers

        Stewart & Stevenson offers Atlas Copco diesel-powered and solar-powered light towers that provide the perfect lighting solutions for construction sites, outdoor events, and industrial settings. Our light towers are quick to erect, easy to operate and provide high efficiency lighting that increases your productivity. We offer:

        • QLTS Solar LED Light Tower. Charged during the day by sunlight, energy is captured by highly efficient solar panels and stored in heavy-duty batteries. High efficiency LED lights switch on and off as needed. Requires no fuel, oil or coolant.
        • QLT M10 Light Tower. Powered by a Tier 4i Kubota engine, it uses a market standard halide lamp and has the capability to power up small electrical tools through optional sockets. It features high efficiency light fixtures with unique lamp design that increases filament life and keeps maximum, uniform light on the job. The 360° rotating tower reduces the need to frequently move the light tower trailer.

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                TX - Houston
                8631 East Freeway
                Houston, TX 77029 USA
                Tel: (713) 671-6220

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